How to Choose Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated hosting refers to renting a physical server which inhabiting the provider’s data center. In this server hosting type, the client has control over all the resources. The client does not have to share those resources with any other clients. Moreover, it give complete freedom to its client to choose the operating system, control panel, and other features.

Dedicated hosting provides higher and improved levels of performance, speed, , security, uptime and reliability to its users. It provides control of websites and online applications as well. Dedicated server hosting proves to be a great choice for businesses with high traffic to work with high performance, security and flexibility.

Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting

We have listed a few yet remarkable benefits to opt for dedicated server hosting. Have a look.

  • Full control of all the server resources.
  • Freedom to choose suitable OS, applications, control panel, and security as per his business needs.
  • Better, improved and high-end performance, reliability, and stability (because the resources are not shared with anyone)
  • This hosting facilitates the users by spending money on purchasing and maintenance for them. It provides users the access to high computing resources by doing so.
  • No money needed to purchase the machines or maintain the data centre because the hosting provider does all the things for the client.
  • High-end and inbuilt security to protect the user from cyber-attacks and threats like viruses, spamming, DDOS, malware, etc.

Dedicated Hosting vs Shared Hosting

VPS provides equal performance and features to shared hosting but at a lower cost. This lower cost also comes with a few limitations. Dedicated hosting provides excellent performance, security and flexibility but at a higher cost as compared with that of shared hosting.

Keep in mind that              

  • The dedicated server is a physical machine for single user. Therefore, the cost is high.
  • Shared hosting holds a single physical server and hosts multiple websites. Hence, hosting multiple users but single server. This keeps the costs low.
  • VPS-Virtual Private Server is a software-defined solution provided within a physical server. It is not like dedicated hosting.

Briefly, dedicated hosting means you have an entire machine called server for you only. You have the rights and total control over it to use it for yourself. Only your website will host on that server.

Whereas, shared hosting means your website and other websites all are on one place, the same server and hard drive. Like, you’re just sharing some space with other people.

One-liner for both the hosting is; shared hosting is shared among users on a machine, while dedicated server is dedicated to you only.


The Must-know points before buying Dedicated Server


Below you would find some key points to keep in mind while buying a dedicated server. Side by side, those points carry the differences between dedicated and shared servers. It will help you to have a better understanding of how to sharply identify your business need and match them with the facilities and control provided by the servers. I hope the below-mentioned points prove to be helpful for you.

  1. Configuration and Management

When you are using dedicated hosting, you are not sharing the hardware, and also, you’re not sharing the bandwidth with any one. You are just renting a machine for yourself. You are free to adjust he resources as per your website’s needs. You can not only access the server resources, but also review and optimize the performance, settings, storage and bandwidth according to your needs. Moreover, you can access the server root-a huge benefit.

Shared hosting refers to sharing server with other websites and users. It provides a reliable and cost-effective way to get to your requirements. Unlike dedicated server, it does not provide any custom configuration options to its user. A shared hosting facilitates you to manage usual requirements for your website folders, files, and applications, including the databases, email accounts, along with a very limited server analytics. But the feature vary with the hosting companies.

  1. Scalability

Scalability refers to the option to change your package in terms of the features offered by the company in case your business is expecting a future growth. The dedicated server has this feature for businesses. Those features could be bandwidth usage, processing power, and database growth. The packages must come with the ability to handle more traffic, data, performance maintenance, transaction processing, and more for businesses.


Mostly, the shared servers provide unlimited bandwidth, disk storage, email accounts, database, and file storage for a quiet higher price. However, the resources required to run the websites are limited because the the resources are shared in shared hosting.

  1. Security

Dedicated servers are the most secure servers of all times. It often includes IP address blocking, and DDoS protection. Unlike shared hosting servers, the dedicated servers give you the control without anyone’s interruption, you do not have the threat of server security issues caused by some security holes. Mostly the dedicated servers include RAID storage which can be recovered from more than one location.

However, the shared hosting security does not work like the dedicated hosting servers. Remember that you are renting a small chunk of a hard disk only. Thus, you are responsible for security. However, you cannot do anything to prevent others from harming your website’s security.

  1. Cost

Everyone wants a secure and high-performing website in the world. But, the question is can you afford everything as a beginner?

Dedicated hosting is a lot more expensive than the shared hosting. You can easily get shared hosting for a lower cost. But if you think that your business needs you capital than surely, go for dedicated hosting.

  1. Performance

You can easily manage and configure the resources as per your business needs. This is possible if you are using dedicated server. Because, in this server you are the only one king here. You can choose HDD or SDD storage, processors, OS as per your preference. You can get the desirable performance by using dedicated servers.

However, you cannot do such things when you are using shared hosting. You cannot customize the performance because there is not only you using it. Many website owners do well with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

I hope after reading the above specifications and points, it would be easier for you to identify your business needs and choose the right server for it.