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Emails are one of the best ways to communicate. With time and technological revolution, now we have more ways like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, and many more to communicate, and that's why simple text emails aren't working anymore.

That's where Emaildesign takes over and helps to attract people with emails. A designed email is a combination of good content with great design. It contains media files, call-to-action buttons, and so on. That's why many businesses are hiring freelancers or purchasing email designing templates to get the most.

If you don't know much about email design and how you can outsource designed emails, then you are at the right place. So, without further ado, let's get started!

What is email design?

Email design is the way to make your email look more appealing. With email design, you can create an email that attracts your recipient’s attention and encourage them to take action, which a simple text message cannot.

A designed email shows various colors, images, fonts, and different backgrounds, which can attract readers' attention, and designed emails tend to deliver more responses than a simple text email cannot deliver.

Then again, email design also allows you to track analytic to analyze how many people responded to your mail, custom call to action button. You can design a journey for your list of receivers, and a best-designed email encourages readers to support your cause of email.

Email designing isn't that tough. You can always hire someone to create email design or purchase professional email templates and design with it.

Why is Email Design important?

Email design is more like high-quality content wrapped with attractive design. A designed email tends to have more responses than a plain text email.

In today's world, we are so busy with mobile, internet, social media, apps, etc. For this reason, people don't like to spend more time on emails unless it's too important. In this situation, people mostly avoid plain text promotional or service-related emails.

That's why to survive this crisis and make your recipients read your email is quite challenging. However, if you want to win this challenge, there is no alternative to designing your email.

If you understand your audience and design your email simply without using many texts or too many designs, it has the perfect email design size. Then you have a possibility that your email reader will follow the email and take the action you wanted them to take.

This is why email design is essential. 

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Which features the best email design should have?

When it comes to email designing, there are so many email design inspirations available online, and the problem starts when you want to hire someone and not sure if they can do the best email design or not.

In that case, here are the features a best email design campaign should have:

  • Bold Subject Line and Pre-header

An email's subject and pre-header is something that a recipient can see without opening the email. This is the one line that decides whether the receiver will open it or not. So, make sure you or your hired one is giving 100% focus over here.

After the subject, the pre-header comes in. It's like a preview of the entire email. The pre-header should get the recipients' attention force them to open the email. This section should summarize what the entire email is about or something humorous or too severe.

  • Keep it short and straightforward.

The most frequent mistake people make while email designing is adding too many words to it. I have seen people sending thousands of words in an email and later blames their faith or freelancer for not getting any result. Now, would you like to answer a thousand words of email? Unfortunately, most of the people's answer is, NO!

Also, adding too many texts ruins the email design and distracts receivers from reading it. That's why avoid the usage of too many words and keep it straightforward. 

  • Show your brand vibe.

While designing an email, make sure it has the touch of your brand. This practice can help you to be there in your subscriber's mind.

When your subscribing opens an email with the touch of your brands like your logo or your branding colors, elements, writing style, etc., that moment, you make a place in your subscriber's mind for a long run.

Also, don't forget to get a professional email newsletter design done because this is where you start gaining subscribers every day.

  • Improve UX and personalize every email

While designing the email, customize the email for every recipient and make it more thoughtful. It will make your email stand out from all other emails that sound robotic.

Also, improve the user experience of an email. Focus on UX, navigation, content, media and, organize everything, and give it an engaging look.

Also, you can use an email template designer to make it look more organized.

  • Use media and emoji

The difference between simple text email and traditional email is media. The best designer email doesn't contain many words, and it's necessary to use relevant photos, animations, videos, or GIFs that can attract the user's attention.

Also, don't forget to use emojis. Though many people consider it unprofessional, it still attracts people, and emoji usages in heading tend to produce more responses. However, please make sure the used emoji is relevant, and you know the meaning of it.

  • Make sure it is usable for all devices.

Because of the technological revolution, now we can access emails from multiple devices like mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop, and even from smartwatches too.

For this reason, while designing an email, considering all the devices is essential. Therefore, instruct your hired freelancer to make it supportive for all devices.

Nowadays, most Email Template Designer considers making your email design responsive for all sorts of devices.

  • Improve Buttons

For sharing offers or any link, we use buttons. The buttons are essential because you will lose many interested subscribers who want to take further action when it doesn't work.

We have seen emails designed with free email template builder may have problems with buttons. That's why giving focus on the button is essential.

The button contains CTAs (call-to-action) most of the time. Your call to action can be anything but make sure to present it in a lucrative way. To get the best result, you can also customize call-to-action for each recipient.

Another thing that many marketing email designs avoid is an unsubscribing button. See, there is no reason to share your product/blog with someone who doesn't need it. Also, not adding an unsubscribe button is violating the CAN-SPAM act.

  • Make an email signature.

Having an email signature attached to your email makes it more attractive; it's excellent for personal-branding practices.

It shows about you and what you are doing in the organization. In addition, you will find great email signature designers on Fiverr within an affordable budget.

Where can you get the best email design?

There are so many platforms where you can get your email design done. Also, you can purchase a simple email template at a reasonable price.

Many marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork,, PeoplePerHour available where you can get your work done.

However, we recommend you get it done from Fiverr. In Fiverr, you will get the best freelancer who can design an email for you within a short period while providing the best quality in an affordable price range.

How much does an email design service cost?

 Well, there is no fixed price for email designing services. It can cost up to thousands of dollars depending on your requirement.

In Fiverr, you can find email designing services for as low as $5, and it's no scam. You will get it delivered within time.


Nowadays, people don't like to read emails because there are many attractive things available to read. That's why it's essential to get an email designed to attract subscribers and force them to read your copy.

So, if you are sending an email to your subscriber and not getting good (or any) results, consider taking email designing services today.