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In addition to everyday use, T-shirts have become a means of practicing our heritage. It is not just a matter of wearing T-shirts now to meet the need; T-shirts are used as a symbol in most cases. T-shirts can be a part of the culture, an awareness message, and a T-shirt as an organizational ambassador. T-shirts come in a variety of designs for many uses. Let's take a look at the beginnings of T-shirt design.

# What is a T-shirt design?

T-shirt design is a popular way to highlight any personal creative touch or idea on a t-shirt through a design. A T-shirt design can have an image, a word or an artist's picture, or even a slogan. A customization design that expresses the individual's uniqueness plays a much more significant role in demonstrating the individual's solidarity with a community or group. This t-shirt design can be a great way to advertise your business. Design T-shirts can even be used as a uniform used in many industries. So T-shirt design is an important issue. There are some things to keep in mind while designing a T-shirt which I will discuss in detail.

# Purpose of T-shirt design:

The first thing you need to know when designing a t-shirt is why you are creating a t-shirt; what is the purpose of your design? Designing a T-shirt without T-shirt design ideas is less likely to be profitable. For example, the purpose of a T-shirt design is that it is used in a specific case or it can serve as an advertisement of a brand, it can have a message about an event, and most of the designed T-shirts are for business purposes. If the goal is known, a designer tries his best to attract people's attention and curiosity towards the designed t-shirt. Just because someone is looking at a design does not mean that the design should be much more glamorous or bright. A beautiful slogan in design can convey an awareness message like an iconography or a hashtag if the T-shirt is designed for the business purpose of an organization. Then the plan is enhanced with the aesthetic value and personality of the user.

 T-shirts designed for a specific audience. not for everyone. 

In other words, if there is no target audience, its importance will decrease a lot. With a particular target audience, their tastes and preferences are quickly reflected in the T-shirt.

t shirt design

# Add logo to T-shirt:

Since the T-shirt presents many types of objectives to the people, it represents an individual or an organization. Add a logo to the middle of the T-shirt to make it more purposeful. For T-shirt logo design, it is best to use the company's regular logo. If the organization does not have a specific logo, design a new logo and then create the account.

# Select the color of choice:

The most crucial thing after knowing the purpose of T-shirt design is to choose the color. The colors of a custom t-shirt should be eye-catching whether the T-shirt is designed for any purpose if the color used in the organization's logo is included in the T-shirt design.

 Then its significance increases a lot. In other words, if the brand color is used in T-shirt design, it becomes an advertisement. If your organization's logo is purple, blue, green, or yellow, you can bring this purple, blue, and green or yellow outfit in your design. Another important aspect of color matching is the color of the fabric you are using. The color used in your logo should not match the color of the material. Then the design was ruined. In short, the combination of the color of your fabric and design can bring an aesthetic look. However, in this case, it should be noted that the creation of the T-shirt. And the color of the fabric used is matching at the same time.

# Font:

Another essential element of T-shirt design is the font you choose. Font size and selection can make your design look like a high-quality professional design. Can give a combination of typography with fonts in the design. Typography is becoming more and more popular in more and more T-shirt designs. Whether you use typography or fonts in your design, they should be of actual size. Using too large or too small fonts or typography can ruin your plan. Sketch a pencil in the notebook to decide where to use a font. When it comes to choosing a font, many times, your design may seem rude to many. Many large fonts are not suitable for use in a graduation T-shirt, for example. Again, the font size and font selection will be different depending on gender.

# Choose your graphic template:

If you want to design an aesthetic look with the typography you have created, you should not use graphics templates. However, if you use design in other formats or exceptions, you must create a graphic template to make a design or choose from online. You can make the design aesthetic by using your organization's logo outside of the graphics template. You can bring an eye-catching effect to your design using different icons. Moreover, different types of graffiti or any landscape or scenario can make the design more aesthetic. Many t-shirt designs nowadays can be seen in the landscape of the natural environment.


Mockup is the process of printing your design and giving it a look on the screen after making it usable. The only way to check if the plan you have made matches your imagination with your scenario, what it will look like, the designed font color, and everything else is correct is to apply design makeup. If you didn't have the opportunity to mock up the design, you would have to print a product to see what it looks like. Having the facility to do mockups allows the individual or organization to modify or improve the visual look of the design without paying any extra cost. There is no substitute for mockups in design development, so mockup your designed t-shirt.

# Last words:

Since a t-shirt can represent so many things. Every aspect from the beginning to the end of the t-shirt design. It needs to be looked at with much more importance. Just as important as the design of the T-shirt is, so important is the print. There is no benefit in printing designs on local fabrics, even if you design good quality. A good quality fabric is needed to bring the design as visual as beautiful and aesthetic. Therefore, equal importance is given to both fabric designs.