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Video marketing is promoting your business or product through video to your audience. Research shows video works 22x better than photos and written copies. Also, marketers have seen at least 10x more results with video marketing, and that's why everyone is considering video marketing as the future of the business marketing world.

Many businesses are considering video marketing to promote their business, and research shows that videos are best for producing more results than any other form of marketing. That's why companies are hiring people and encourage their existing employees to do video marketing courses

So, why don't you take advantage of it?

This article is designed for people who don't know anything about video marketing but want to get started with video marketing. So, let's get into it. 

Type of video marketing?

There are hundreds of video marketing campaigns available, and everyday marketers are generating unique ideas for video marketing. However, here are the four most important type of video marketing you should know about- 

Product videos:

Like the name sounds and in-product videos, you will show your products and their benefits & features. 

You can show how your product works on the video, how to use it, and the essential features in product-related videos. Nowadays, many brands are doing this so that they can reach a more targeted audience. 

Product launching is another powerful video marketing strategy. It can be hosted live or pre-recorded. If you have a good launching video, then it can help you to get many new customers within no time.

Informative video:

Informative videos are great when it comes to reaching a new audience and enhancing authority in your industry. Video marketing helps to build trust and relationships between your brand/company and your client/customer. 

You can do video marketing with videos showing how to use your product and make something new with your product. Then again, you can also break the myth of your industry and follow trends of your industry. 

Also, in the last few years, businesses are using animated explainer videos to explain their services and troubleshoot problems and solve them on their own.

Showing off company culture:

Showing off your company culture isn't a bad thing; it helps establish a friendly relationship between customer and company. It shows people about a company’s morals and value that attracts people about the company. 

Then again, you can also create event videos, office tours, office parties, conference coverage, and interviews with biggies of the industry. These videos are great for social video marketing. 

Another video marketing strategy is a video where the employee shares the company's mission and prospect, experiences, and uniqueness. This helps customers to connect with the company and its products. 

Endorsement video:

Another video marketing example is endorsement videos. These videos are built to gain people's trust. Nowadays, many people create customer and influencer recommendation videos; it shows the product's benefit and features and secretly influences people to buy the product. 

Nowadays, businesses also create a video on the company's employees to encourage people to apply and join their company/business. 

These are the type of video marketing you can use for your company/business. Also, you can hire a video marketing agency or someone on Fiverr to get it done

video marketing agency

Why is video marketing important? 

Because of automation and digitalization, things are changing in the business world every day. There was a time when delivering pamphlets and brochures was considered an excellent marketing chore, then blogs, social media marketing, everything happened. 

Now, it's the era of video marketing. It because video performs 22x better than photos and written copies. It holds audiences' interest, and that's why giant for small businesses, everyone is moving towards it considering the importance of video marketing. 

However, here are six legit reasons why video marketing important- 

  • It explains better and faster
  • Converts much better than photos and written copies
  • It helps you to connect directly with the audience and help you to touch their emotional point 
  • People prefer video more than photos and written documents. 
  • It increases sales and provides the best return on investment. 
  • Video marketing can turn the laziest decision-maker into an instant buyer. 

In between thousands of video marketing benefits, these are a few of them. 

Features of the best video marketing 

While hiring a video marketer, how can you find out that you are getting most of it when you don’t know anything about video marketing?  Well, we don’t want to build up pressure on you. Here are some tips on video marketing to assure you are getting the best video marketing service: 

The video should have a story because the story holds people's attention better. 

Do something catchy in the first few seconds because this is what stops people from closing the video. Use hook or play around with the thumbnail. 

Focus on the thumbnail. It because the thumbnail inspires people to open a video. 

If you are running ads on your video, target wisely. Please don't waste your money on showing people who don't need it. 

Optimize with call-to-actions in video and make sure the sound quality and the video quality are up to the mark. 

End with hooks so that your video gets jammed in your viewer's mind even at the end of the video. 

See the bigger picture. Collaborate with brands and other influencers. Arrange events, do video marketing with them. If possible, arrange giveaways; it helps to reach more people faster. 

So, above you have seen some features a best video marketing campaign should have. If you see all these features in your freelancer's video marketing services, then you are on the right hand. 

Where can you get video marketing services? 

There are many marketplaces and video marketing software available. However, we recommend Fiverr because you can get excellent video marketing service within an affordable price range. 

How much does it cost? 

As video marketing is the future of marketing, many businesses are spending thousands of dollars on video marketing. Still, you can get a video marketer to start on Fiverr, where services start at $5/ 

Final Words

As you can see, video marketing is the future. That's why many businesses are switching towards video marketing. So, if you don't want to get out of business and grow it vigorously, then it's high time to get started with video marketing. 

So, if you want to get started with video marketing, then we believe this content will help you a lot, and for hiring someone for video marketing, you can always get someone on Fiverr to do your work at a reasonable price.