Every year many companies are coming with their new smart TVs with upgraded new features as well as with cheap price. People are alluring to see their new lucrative advertisement and make a decision to choose the right one for them. Is it possible to make the right decision among all of TVs?

Everybody needs to know about smart TV. Smart TV is an innovation of modern science and technology. It makes all people's lives smarter. In smart TVs there are various types of modern facilities introduced which are not seen on normal TV. Nowadays many electronics companies are selling smart TVs as well as they are using their own brand names. Sometimes it is quite questionable are they really smart TVs? Are they really keeping their' privacy of their customers?

Smart TV is a TV which is connected by internet connection. It needs a router which will be with good speed. Smart TV’S are playing an important role all over the world, serving a great role for almost everybody. Through this smart TV we can easily connect with YouTube, face book, Google, HBO, star movies, news portals, BBC, CNN, and many other websites easily.  Smart TV’S bring revolutionary changes among all classes of people. Previously people had to use CRT or box TV. Now people are getting two things in one smart TV. Firstly they are getting TV programs by different telecasting channels. Secondly they are getting full internet facilities. Those who do not like to watch TV channels easily can move to internet options. Many smart TV companies are bringing their latest technologies and facilities in it which are very appealing. Some TV companies have introduced which can control other devices such as fans, lights, door locks and other sensors. 

How to choose best smart TV:

There are many people who do not have vast ideas about smart TV. Sometimes they make very wrong decisions and choose incorrect one for them. This way they are losing their valuable time and money. So we have to follow a few important things before buying the right one. Let’s look down below to sort out the correct categories.

Smart TV Budget:

Some people want smart TV with their limited budget. So it comes to the matter about TV size, 32 inches TV may be the perfect size for decent people in smaller room conditions. The price of a smart TV ranges from 200 dollar to 15000 dollar. So, It would be better to fix the budget before you buy the TV.

Smart TV Screen Size:

Many people think if they have a big TV everybody will give respect or give admiration. This idea is totally wrong .It is one of the most important things where you want to put your TV. If your room is small so you can choose the medium one, if your room is big so you need to fix the bigger one. Setting your smart TV in the right place will make your room super and smarter.

Smart TV Resolution:

Resolution is one of the key factors for smart TV. Basically TV hardware supplies a number of pixels which compose the picture on the TV. Slightly larger 40 to 49 inches TV have more than 2 million pixels. Beside 50 inches and above TV supplies more than 35 million pixels. However more pixels don’t assure you a better picture. It also depends on contrast and color which are more important than resolution.

Key difference of smart TV and cable TV:

Time is changing, the world is changing, and people are changing their mind with these changes. These changes are very natural. We are living in a digital world so people in this world deserve everything to be modern and digitized. So how long will people use this type of cable TV?  Whole world in our grip we expect everything will super. Down below going to sort out the key differences between the two. A smart TV can run through the internet via WIFI on the other hand cable TV cannot access. Cable TV only displays those things which are displayed by cable operators. Smart TV has the facilities to run the apps. Sometimes we may be confused about LED or LCD TV because both components are not the same. They differ in their screens and in their manner which is displayed on TV screens. Smart TV has the capacity of doing more than cable TV. The value of cable TV is going down day by day however the market of smart TV is increasing rapidly in whole over the world. We can say smart TV is another version of a computer but cable TV is not. Latest smart TV has touch screen facilities but in case of cable TV is not possible.Smart TV is connected by WIFI but it is not possible for cable TV.

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Buying guide line of smart TV:

Follow our few guidelines which will give you the right smart TV in your expected budget.

Every year many companies are coming with their new smart TVs with upgraded new features as well as with cheap price. People are alluring to see their new lucrative advertisement and make a decision to choose the right one for them. Is it possible to make the right decision among all of TVs?

Sometimes buying a smart TV can’t give enough satisfaction if it does not serve you, your pleasure properly. Most probably you are throwing your money into the bin. There are many options in smart TV such as their size screen, resolution, and contrast features. We discussed this with our TV experts who gave us a few important tips before buying a smart TV.

The difference between smart TV and normal TV is that smart TV has the capability to surf the web. Smart TV allows people to stream music, movies, and use the internet through the help of WIFI. With the help of smart TV you can watch your favorite YouTube, Netflix on a giant screenland even can go through social media pages.

Before buying a smart TV there are few questions that arise in people's mind, “What size should I buy from the TV showroom? Choosing the bigger one is not a great decision if your room is tiny in size. That time it will be a good idea to choose the regular size.

If your room has many windows, lots of lights so you can choose for you the high definition screen TV.

Keeping eyes in this article you will find out few solutions as well as how to save your money and time.


Buying guide line of smart TV

1. Size and distance:

When your room is 10 to 12 feet long, you have to keep your  TV 10 feet away from your sitting place. You can choose the smart TV which is 40 inches. This size will be suitable for your eyesight and will provide you more comfortable feelings.

2. 4k technology:
Maximum flat screens are high definition (HD) but nowadays 4k which is known as ultra high definition (UHD) is becoming very popular. Many people have a question, is curved screens good? Many may say it is good but experts say flat screens have overall pictures quality.

3. Experts comments:
Peter Fingado, owner of the sounding board says 4k TV has high dynamic range (HDR) has good contrast and color range that can display about one billion colors and turns the 4k pixels clear and realistic images. If you go to the store you may check this and find out the true one.

4. OLED screens:

Maximum TVs have LED screens which mean the picture quality will be brighter but OLED pixels are self illuminating which provides you with the best color contrast. Do you like to watch live sports on smart TV? You must have to focus on TV processor speed and refresh rate. Are you watching a movie or sports in a bright lights room with many windows? Choose the glare resistant screen rather than glossy one.

5. Offers:
Basically new model TV comes in March or April. If you want to buy the latest smart TV so can wait for this month. Smart TV companies sometimes give big offers on their newly launched TV. Whereas TV companies also give big discount offers on their last year unsold smart TVs. Maximum time is seen in January and February month.

6. Warranty:

Full manufacturer's warranty is needed for smart TV. If you buy it from an authorized dealer you will get full warranty facilities. However you will get phone or email support from this type of authorized dealer and support from manufacturing companies.

Advances or facilities of smart TV:

1. Voice assistant:

Smart TVs have lots of advantages; the newly released smart TVs have voice assistant facilities. Through this voice service assistant it will be possible to find out content from live TV with streaming services. It also can search from weather to stock prices. If you are bored with TV you can make it your voice assistant you can attach with a smart speaker as you want. You can call pizza or UBER as your wish. This new technology will help you to do many household work easily through this you can keep control on your lights, fans, doorbell ring. Smart TVs have beefier processors than regular TV. Manufacturers also added games facilities in this type of smart TV. Latest smart TV will provide you with sharing pictures and videos from a connected Smartphone on their giant screen.  New smart TVs have modern sound systems.  Smart TVs will play a role as the home stereo system music as well as online radio stations.

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2. Smart TVs cost:

Smart TVs cost going reasonable day by day because new companies are launching their new products. The price of smart TVs almost depends on their size and components.  A smart TV cost starts from $100.  Usually smart TV has super video and picture quality. There are HDMI ports behind the smart TV. You are paying money for smart TV and you are getting extra many other facilities which are not possible for normal TV. 

3. Virus:

Sometimes hackers try to hack smart TV as well. So you have to be more conscious when you are in online banking through this TV, However it is too risky to do online shopping as well as using a credit card. It is said that smart TV is not as safe as computers.

4. Can I watch local channels?

If you have local or satellite channels you can easily watch all those TV channels easily. However if you don’t have this type of cable connection you can go through internet connections to get the channel services this broadcasting system is free of cost.

5. Picture or sound quality:

Smart TVs have fantastic audio features, such as Dolby Atoms sound system with HDMI ARC support. Dolby Atoms provides a super sound system and it also has a higher bit rate to deliver a smooth audio system. It also has an Audio Return Channel (ARC) supporting HDMI cable for sending audio data. This way all of the connected devices get the best sound.

6.  Amazon Alexa or Google, Youtube, Facebook Chrome work on smart TV:

The biggest news is that Amazon Alexa or Google Chrome, youtube, facebook will usually work on smart TVs and its performance is increasing day by day. New software is updating every moment to give better performance. Amazon, Apple and Google these three options need additional devices like smart speaker mobile devices. It will provide you strong control on your TV and smart devices with the help of small speech. This type of smart TV has a remote control which is built in microphones; you can easily activate voice interaction. When you talk a little talk in your room it will listen to your command.

7. No possibility of crash or hang:

Few years back there were few smart TVs which had few internal problems because that hardware and software were not so upgraded for that reason it would hang or crash. Computers become smart TVs. So TV is now performing like a computer. If you face that picture hanging then you can turn off the TV and restart again. Now the TV market is mature enough, manufacturers are introducing very powerful processors, better memory with strong software platforms that can easily handle apps as well as TV functions.

8. Smart TV updates their software regularly:

Smart TV manufacturers are always adding new update features and making their security system stronger. For getting better or smooth service it is very necessary. You may be aware that in 2020 Android TVs are set with the latest 9.0version.On the other hand smaller TV brands or models do not show this type of activities. Only major manufacturers do their software update regularly.