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The Internet has brought the whole world in the palm of your hand. And the Internet is powered by a combination of many websites. There is no price in the internet world without a website. If a person or organization wants to expand its empire in the internet world, it must start with a website. And the more beautiful this website can be, the more known or dominated by its website. And the first step to making a website attractive is to have a beautiful profile picture of that website.

Also, if the posters or banners published on the website are not attractive, no visitor will enter the website for the second time. So you have to be extremely careful about Web Banners Design to make it beautiful. Today we will learn in detail how to design a website Web Banners. So let's not exaggerate the details of creating a web banner.

# What is a website? 

A website is a unique address based on the Internet. Where a person can easily find the targeted person or organization, this is an IP address. Assigning a website to an IP address means purchasing a speech on the Internet or buying a domain.

He then gradually develops the website by domain-hosting to establish his full address. To make the website suitable for posting, the organization or authority of the website opens it up to present its content to others by posting different content and different topics as per their desire.

The organization that works to assign domains assigns a domain to a user worldwide, meaning that an environment that has been granted will not be given to anyone else in the world. As a result, a visitor can easily find a specific person or organization through the Internet.  And one of the exciting things about the website is the decoration of the website.

The more beautiful the decoration of a website, the more a visitor will be attracted to the website and will repeatedly rely on that website for its various information. One of the essential elements of website decoration is the variety of banner designs on the website. The more beautiful the website's banners, the more meaningful that website will seem to a visitor. Today we will discuss in detail how to make the banner of a website more beautiful.

# Preparing to design a web banner:

To design a web banner, a designer must first become an expert in graphics. When it comes to graphics, there is a big world in front of us, even if you don't have an idea about the whole world to make a web banner, only a designer can design a web banner with a good idea on Photoshop and Illustrator. Creating a flag, in general, is almost the same as designing a banner for a website. However, some exceptions can be adjusted by a designer at the end of the design.

# Website Banner Design Ideas:

If you want to make any design, first of all, you need to get a good idea about that design. And just like that, to design a web banner for a website, you have to have a good idea about that banner. Suppose we search Google or YouTube by typing Website banner design idea to get an idea about what kind of banner will be. We will be presented with many types of banner designs. He will look at the concept according to the person's choice and then go to the original designing work.

# Web banner size:

An essential part of a web banner is the specific size of the website's banner. Usually, if the size of the flags is not given correctly, If there is a difference in the size of the website banner, the part of the website that we want to display will not be displayed on the website. So first, you have to know the size of the web banner design from Google. A specific table for website banner size is followed.

If one wants to make a full banner, he should have 468 * 60, which will be limited to 20 KB; for a leaderboard banner design, 728 * 90, which will be limited to 25 KB. To make a square web banner, 336 * 280 whose circumference will be limited to 25 kilobytes, another measure of a square flag is 300 * 250, a maximum of 25 kilobytes, moreover, for other website banners.

#Template: -

The template is a draft uploaded to some other platforms, including, where a designer can use that template to make new designs to his liking. Once you know the banner size of the website, you need to sketch a banner template. If you can't draw the banner template on your own, we can easily download a template from FreePic.

 If you search for it by entering or other related websites and typing website banner design templates, many templates will come up; the person can choose a template according to his choice. The templates come which the customer has to pay to download and use. If one does not want to use a premium template, he can search for free web banner design from and search for free web banner design templates from many sources.

After searching for a free web design banner, many people do not find the template as per their expectations. As a result of which the designer is disappointed. For this, if the person searches by typing the best web banner design for free from, it is hoped that he will be able to choose a banner template according to his choice. Usually, banners can be on the website in two ways.

In most cases, we need Vatican web banners. Many people download and finish the design after downloading the horizontal template, but it is not their liking. So before downloading the template, he must download the vertical web banner design template. Usually, when you search by typing something in the free pic, most of the picture items come up.

But in the case of designing, it is not possible to give a new look by editing the banner with picture items. So when we download a design template from, we must make sure that the template is in the web banner design PSD or web banner design ai file if we have PSD or AI files, we can do the new layout with it.

# Banner Ad Design: -

When we browse different websites, we notice that other products or services are advertised inside the website. Those are AIDS designs. One of the most significant sources of the website is an advertisement. So the designer has to be much more careful with the banner design of a website. The ads are given through various social media, so they are called social network advertising. These are defined as digital display advertising as all the banners and ads of social media are displayed on digital screens.

# Where to get ideas for ad design: -

One has to sketch first to get other ideas, including how to sort an ad or its manipulation. We can take pictures from Google YouTube to illustrate. If you go to YouTube or Google and search by typing search advertising/advertising keywords, you will develop different types of design ideas. After watching a few videos or managing content, you can create your sketch with some ideas and then start designing.

What to do for #Creative web banners design: -

Some different types of vectors can be used to make a banner more creative and more attractive. Pixel,, clip art.png If you search by typing web banner design vector from these sites, you can download the necessary explanations and add designs. Many types of icons are available for food web banner design with many manipulations and clippers that can give a banner a unique look. Using a few more manipulations, including PNG and clipart, can result in an excellent web banner design from different websites.

The initial work for the website banner has become quite known. It is our turn to start the next step, i.e., the main work of graphic design web banner or graphic design.

web banner design

# Banner design steps:

Website banner design is to be completed with Photoshop or Illustrator of Adobe company just like any other design. Adobe Illustrator is relatively easy and delicate to design banners. So today, we will discuss Adobe Illustrator in detail. The file created with Adobe Illustrator is much smoother, and the resolution is available everywhere. So if you open the file created with Adobe Illustrator from anywhere, it will not be torn or damaged.

 First, open the Adobe Illustrator app and then click on the New option to create a new file with the size of the design you will be asked to do. Updating to the latest version of Adobe Illustrator will bring much more peace of mind. Then we have to start working on measuring the size of the banner we want to make. When retrieving a new file for file from the menu bar, you must enter a name to find the file quickly. Clicking Ctrl + r will bring up the roller. Right-click the mouse on the roller unit and then select the pixels from the company.

 You need to select the color mode RGB for the type of banner made for the website. Usually, this mode of color is not used to print in reality. Once the color mode is selected, save it from the File menu so that the file is not lost when the computer shuts down at any moment. The easiest shortcut to save is ctrl + s to keep the file very easily.

Now you have to make sure from the file menu that the size given for the design is correct. If the size of the banner is not accurate, you have to re-determine the desired banner size. If the size is correct, then the following work for design.

# Text formatting:

The most important part of the work field is the background and the various elements. One of the essential elements of the component is the text. To use text formats or different types of text shadows or other effects, select the preferred formality next to the Style Library from the Window menu; after completing each task, press Control S and save.

# Word Formatting:

While formatting the word, it is often seen that even after writing many things, one does not get a sense of what one is writing. The solution is to change the background color or the text element color; then, the text will be visible. When the typing is done, close the typing bar by clicking the Esc button from the top left of the keyboard.

# Text size:

To resize text, hold the mouse down at the bottom of the reader to show an underline. Click there to resize the text from the top toolbar. If you want to use this shortcut key, ctrl +] how to make the text bigger. And if you're going to make the big text smaller, pressing ctrl + [access will make the text smaller.

# Text font: -

To change the text font of your banner, first select the targeted font. Then there is a font cell next to the paragraph. Next to the toolbar, you choose the font of your choice or enter the font's name in the search bar. Select the desired font in front of you. The font of your text is done.

# Color selection of text:

Formatting text with small-large or many beautiful fronts is not enough. It is essential to select the color of the reader to make the text more interesting. We can choose the color of the text in two ways. First, we can select the text and use the color or gradient from the menu bar on the left. If you can't find a specific color from there, go to the swatch library from the window menu of the toolbar above, select the desired route, enter it with GB, and then save it by clicking the OK button.

# Adding an image to the banner:

If you want to add an image to the banner, you have to click on the place option by clicking on the File menu from the toolbar or pressing the sift + ctrl + p shortcut. It will take you to the place option. Then after clicking the image in your storage, there is no option below. If you remove the link button and click OK, the image will move to the work field. You can drag the left mouse button and place the image in the specified place. If, for any reason, you forget to uncheck the link option when fetching images from storage, tick the embedded option in the menu bar from the work will.

# Alignment:

Alignment is the act of writing an icon at the top of a design's work field or comparing or matching an icon element or another sip with another aspect. Usually, we cannot fix these lines with the naked eye. That's why Adobe Illustrator has a roller system. The more rulers a designer needs, the more rulers he can use to keep the alignment straight. If the ruler is not visible in Illustrator, pressing the ctrl + r shortcut will make the ruler visible. The ruler can be used as a guide from where it will be kept.  If you select any other icon, the roller will not be assigned or moved. With a roller in one place, it can be hidden temporarily or permanently. Again it can be made visible as needed.

# How to do layer control:

Most of the time, it is seen that when one layer or an element is selected, it is not specified, and another layer is selected, and it becomes completely random. In this case, there are two problems. One is that another layer moves with the selected layer. The other problem is that the selected layer is not set, and the adjacent layer is moved. After selecting, the coating must be locked. To lock, first, select and press Ctrl + 2 keyword. The selected layer will be closed. As a result, the problems related to layers can be easily avoided, and the entire design can be completed smoothly.

# Layer formatting in design:

It is often seen that when we move one text up or down or another slide at the top or bottom of a drop, the jet is unexpected. If this happens a lot of the time, if you want to select the element, or the one that has a problem with the sap and brings it to the top, then if the ctrl +] shortcut key is pressed, it will gradually rise to the top. Until the player's day, we will bring the layer and stop until it meets our needs. If you want to take that layer down, pressing the ctrl + [shortcut key will keep it down, then we will stop pushing the shortcut after going as far as we have.

Once the above essential tasks are completed, then it is necessary to check at the last minute whether everything is acceptable or not. If everything is fine, you have to save in a final way. There is no point in designing all day if it is not done. If you don't keep it, all the labor behind the design can be dusted in a moment. So you need to know how to save.

# Saving rules:

From the taskbar at the top of the work field, click on the file menu. After selecting the save as option, click on the save for web option.

# Last words:

If you face any problem while designing the banner, you can find the solution by identifying the problem and searching on Google or YouTube. So if you encounter an issue while creating a web banner, you have to design a complete banner from Google or YouTube and upload it on the website without leaving that problem if you can use all the features mentioned above. 

A beautiful and intelligent banner will be created. Many times due to the designer's ignorance, the website's banner design does not appear beautifully and smoothly. That's why designers have to be skilled first. If you have little or no design knowledge, a designer can build himself up by watching various free tutorials from YouTube.