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Everyone wants to take their business one step ahead, reach their customer, present their product or get more sales. That's why businesses acquire new business and marketing strategies and so on. For example, now businesses use a powerful tool called animated explainer video to explain products and services.

Video is one of the most influential among all sorts of media. It works 66x more than written copies and audios. Then again, animated videos can grab the attention of all ages people, and it converts more sales and leads than other methods. That's why from small to giant, all sorts of businesses are using animated video explainers. So, what are you waiting for?

This article will share all the necessary information about animated video explainers that you should know. So, without further ado, let's get started!

What is an animated video explainer?

An Animated video explainer is a sort of video content made within a short length, and it's available in various styles. Several types of explainer videos are available, like whiteboard animation, 2D, 3D animation, etc.

The animated explainer videos are best for advertisement, YouTube content, sales pages, social media, etc. In addition, many people use it for pitching investors, clients, customers, and so on. Nowadays, it has gain popularity as a marketing tool because of its effectiveness and high conversation.

Many Popular YouTubers use animated explainer video software to create exciting content and explain any problematic concept easily. 

Type of animated video explainers

There are multiple types of animated video explainers available online. Depending on your preference, you can choose yours. 

So, here are a few types of animated video explainer available in the market: 

3D animated explainer video

The 3D animated video explainer is the most enjoyable form of animated video you can get. In this type of video, you can showcase your product/company in such an attractive way that will blow the viewer’s mind. 

However, as it is rendered in the 3rd dimension, it's pretty expensive and takes time.

Whiteboard Animation 

Whiteboard explainer videos are one of the most popular and affordable explainer videos. This sort of videos is quite popular, and in the last few years, many content creator uses this software. If you don’t know about it, just google whiteboard animation, and you will learn everything. 

Many whiteboard explainer video maker says, this is the best way to explain something, it's time-saving, attractive and highly convertible. 

There is so many online and offline whiteboard explainer video software available that anyone can create a video; making it professional requires practice and time. 

There are so many platforms available where you can get whiteboard animation services. Also, it’s easy to learn. If you have time and patience, then search how to make a whiteboard explainer video, and you will get everything you need.

To get the best whiteboard explainer videos, we recommend you use Fiverr. 

Animated video explainers Ideas

Motion Graphics explainer video

Motion graphics explainer videos are great to convey a message in an illustrative form. Motion graphics are primarily used for multifaceted videos.  Motion graphic-related works are primarily seen in the film industry. 

Cutout Animation 

Cutout animations are great to explain something, and it's unique and holds the audience's attention span. In addition, making cutout animation is relatively easy, and that's why it's less expensive than 2D and 3D explainer videos. 

Cutout animation can be your animated explainer video solution. If you want to learn cutout animation, there are so many resources like the explainer video toolkit available online. 

2D cartoon animated video

2D cartoon animation is something that most of us have seen. Have we all seen classic Disney shows like the jungle book or the little mermaid? Those were 2D animated videos. 

This is not surprising that you can also get that type of video for your business within an affordable price range from Fiverr listed explainer video creator. 

The only difference between 2D and 3D is, 3D animated videos are more realistic. However, 2D animated videos are less expensive than 3D animated videos.  

Live-action animation video 

This is a combination of human and animated video. These are some of the fascinating types of explainer videos any business can get. In this video, the animated work follows the human movement. 

Live-action animation videos are affordable, but for the best quality, you have to invest more. 

  • Why is an animated video explainer important?

    An Animated video explainer is a great way to forward business messages and updates. Nowadays, many businesses are using it because it works! Even an animated video performs 60x better than any written copy or audio file. That's why you shouldn't let this opportunity go.

    A whiteboard animation explainer video is a great way to explain challenging concepts of your product or service quickly. But, it's enjoyable and impressive.

    An animated video can stick to people's minds for the long run, making businesses/products recognizable. So if you have a great animated video made with an engaging explainer video script, then it will boost your business massively.

    It attracts the customer and makes them interested in your product/service, and the undeniable truth is nothing can grab attention better than an animated explainer video.

    From marketing to product launching to the testimonial, the animated videos can pull almost everything off. Also, many entrepreneurs say, animated videos are best because it helps to reach people of all ages and increase the brand value.

    Not just that, many bloggers got a higher rank on web searches after starting explainer video production besides their contents.  

    Benefits of an animated video explainers

    As you already know what animated video is and why it's essential. Now it's time to share the benefits of an animated video explainer. So, here is the following list that contains the benefits of animated video explainers: 

    • Animated explainer videos are highly engaging, and it grabs traffic's attention quickly. You can see explainer video examples to understand its effectiveness. 
    • Animated video is a versatile marketing tool that can be used anywhere like social media, website, documents, presentation and the list goes on. 
    • This can help you with SEO. For example, many SEO experts say, having videos with content can be a significant ranking factor. 
    • Many content creators got famous by creating animation videos. If you search whiteboard explainer videos on YouTube and analyze the search list, you will understand its effectiveness. 
    • Animated explainer videos are best at describing something. An animated explainer video can help you to explain your product and related technical terms simply through an animated video explainer. 
    • Animated videos can help you to create an emotional attachment with the viewer. 
    • It increases sales. 
    • The animated video increases brand value and helps you to win customers' trust and love. 
    • Animated explainer video roams faster than any other media, and if you advertise, you can see the best result.

Features of an animated video explainer

A best-animated explainer video can boost your business and help you to get noticed without any doubt. However, it has to be converting and high-quality made; otherwise, you won't get any result, and chances are you will end up defaming your brand name.

That’s why, before outsourcing from explainer videos company animated make sure, your video has all these qualities we have listed below-

Clarity and Purpose

The first thing is considering the real purpose. Why do you want to make a video? For reaching the audience, for explaining your product or service, or for selling your product?

Once you have the purpose, make it clear and tell your hired professional to pull it off in an engaging way to promote your purpose reach your goal. Also, make it easy to understand otherwise your audience their interest.


Your video should be engaging and exciting from the very beginning. For example, if your animated video couldn't gain the audience's attention within the first ten seconds, then it may lose the audience's attention.

The video must hold people's attention till the end of the video because it's the essential feature of a best-animated explainer video.

That's why your animated video should have a hook within the first few seconds. Remember, if your video fails to engage with the customer, then it will be useless.


The script is the essential part of your video. Remember, a great script and good animation make the best-animated video explainer.

One of the best ways to start a script is the story. A story of a pain point that your product/service solves. Remember, people love stories, and if they can relate to them, you will create an invisible bond with the person and a new customer.

Visual Experience

Previously, many businesses used to prefer animated video loaded with texts, images, designs, typographies, and the list never ends. However, recent research showed that minimalistic video converts more leads than a highly animated video does.

That's why having a minimalistic animated video can help you to save some bucks, and it doesn't distract the audiences too.

So, it would be best if you keep it simple to convey the message fast and effectively.

Produces result

Your explainer video should forward the message in a way so that everyone can understand without being cliché. The animated video should explain the most challenging section easily.

Also, the explainer video must be convincing so that the viewer gets interested in your product. In the end, your animated explainer video should convert your traffic into your customer/lead.