Reseller hosting is a web hosting where the website hosting provider or company rents the space (hard drive) and the bandwidth to another company (that company could be a small or large business). Here, that business then rents that space to other small business or entrepreneur, usually.
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Reseller hosting is a web hosting where the website hosting provider or company rents the space (hard drive) and the bandwidth to another company (that company could be a small or large business). Here, that business then rents that space to other small business or entrepreneur, usually. It is like renting someone elses hosting to a third party as if it was your hosting. Reselling hosting is possible for those with Virtual Private Server and dedicated server package. Its customers will also require WebHost Manager (WHM) access. So, customers will get whm reseller hosting, and enjoy many benefits.

WHM/cPanel Reseller Hosting and its Tools

WebHost reseller hosting manager enables the resellers to create and manage resource specific cPanel accounts. The whm reseller hosting users can manage their customers like add, monitor, suspend and delete accounts. Its packages include resource allocation, email allocation, domain management and other general settings. WebHost Manager makes customization easy for its customers.  It is a great tool and allows you to set up hosting packages. In addition, it lets resellers to take control of servers. With whm reseller hosting, server owners can review server information, define name servers, restart services of their websites, etc. resellers can take control of their brands with cPanel. They can change, modify and replace colours, icons, files, images and themes with cPanels theme manager. Root WHM users enjoy more tools than others.

Reseller hostingFollowing are the things you can do being a WHM reseller hosting provider

  • You can manage, create, delete, and suspend the cPanel accounts.
  • You can manage and monitor the websites.
  • You can easily access your domains and change domains' DNS zones.
  • You get the accessibility to configure your customers' support requests using cPanel.
  • You get the permissions to monitor the server information.
  • When you create new account, you get the ability to create your own default page.
  • You can customize the hosting.
  • You can change clients domain names and user names.
  • You can switch between the cPanels on your account.
  • You can access and change the things that do not require SQL access.


Benefits of Reseller Hosting

Below are the key benefits of Reseller Hosting you must know before buying this hosting service. Lets have a look at them.

  1. Profit: This is one of the key benefits of using reseller hosting. Whenever you are renting something, you are earning profit. But, when you are renting something already rented to someone, surely you are going to earn a little profit. You can leave the technical support to the provider. However, you can deliver great customer service to your client business. The provider is bearing the technical and maintenance cost because those are his resources, and not yours.
  2. Complete control over the resources: You have complete access and control over the resources. You are free to create plans to resell the hosting to others. You would have more flexibility to use shared hosting, and more control if it were you to use.
  3. More features: Unlike basic hosting plans, the resellers or dedicated users can enjoy the features like offer unlimited SSL certificates, and access to cPanel (site control panel).
  4. Price: If you are low on budget, use reseller hosting. You should use reseller-hosting plans being an entrepreneur with a low budget. It is highly affordable. The reseller hosting packages offer quite low prices of disk space and bandwidth.


Drawbacks of Reseller Hosting Plans

When there are some benefits, there are some drawbacks as well. So, always consider the benefits and the drawbacks side by side. Lets have a look on the drawbacks of reseller hosting.

  1. More than you need: You must know what you need, and choose the reseller as you wish. Because the reseller hosting could be more expensive and potentially more than you desire. If you do not want SSL certificates or cPanel, the features of plans could be more than you require. You must consider the feature you need to use within a year and then determine which web host provider and plan you might purchase.
  2. Customer Service: You have to be more responsible while using reseller hosting. Because the main thing is customer service which you should provide. The owner-hosting provider would not provide it to the third party client. Your responsibility is towards customer is significant. You should be able to provide excellent customer support to your customers. For this, you should not have any time issues. You must have adequate time and resources to choose a reseller hosting plan.

Do You Need Reseller Hosting?

You can easily use control panel to set and manage the websites. If you really want to make money and earn something from hosting business then reseller hosting is a good option. The reseller plans are an inexpensive way to earn through hosting.

The quality of your server will depend on what type of reseller hosting provider you are using. If you want a managed service, which will provide more assistance to you, then it will tend to be more expensive.

What Should You Look For While Buying A Reseller Host?

If your providers service is good, your service will be good as well. It totally depends on your providers hosting quality. For example, if the providers server remain down consistently then nobody would want to stay at your server. Always do a detailed research about the providers before renting it to the third party clients. So that you wont have to change the server. No one would like to switch the server.

Features of Reseller Hosting packages:

Below are the key features that the reseller hosting providers often provide to the clients. We must consider these points before buying the hosting server.

  • Disc space
  • Domain hosting
  • An Up-to-date cPanel
  • 24/7 support
  • Bandwidth
  • The ability to manage and change the hosting plan based on ones needs
  • Provide key monitoring tools to your clients after reselling i.e. control panel, email, scripts, etc.


In short, the reseller hosting servers have rented the servers, and they lease those servers to the third parties. This has many benefits like earning a little profit, cost-effective for entrepreneurs, a few yet unlimited features, etc. However, you have to provide an efficient customer support service to your customers. So, always consider benefits as well as drawbacks when selecting any hosting service. I hope you now know about the points to consider before buying reseller hosting services.