VPS stands for virtual private server. VPS hosting provides an independent virtual environment to its users. It uses virtualized servers. VPS hosting creates virtual replica of the physical servers, and it works through a vitalizing processes. Those virtual replicas are far better and offer an improved server performance along with security and resources than other web hosting.

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VPS stands for virtual private server. VPS hosting provides an independent virtual environment to its users. It uses virtualised servers. VPS hosting creates virtual replica of the physical servers, and it works through a virtualising processes. Those virtual replicas are far better and offer an improved server performance along with security and resources than other web hosting.

If you are facing difficulty in choosing between the operating systems then don’t look farther! There are always two operating systems, Windows based hosting and Linux based web Hosting. In this article, we have highlighted the benefits of VPS and the differences between the features offered in Linux VPS server and Windows VPS server.

Before moving towards the parameters in which both the operating servers differs, let’s have a look at the working and benefits of Virtual Private Servers.

Functionality of VPS hosting:

It works just like Virtual box and VMware. I mean, you are allowed to run several virtualised operating systems on only one machine. It allows you to run other operating systems without rebooting your computer.

Benefits of VPS Hosting:

The key benefit is that you enjoy shared hosting and more control at the same time. Just as both the shared hosting and dedicated server.

  • Control: You can restart your computer any time without disturbing any other servers.
  • Privacy: No other website can access your files because you do not share your operating system.
  • Dedicated Resources: You are free to use your RAM as per your need.
  • Customisation: You can make changes to the apps like Apache, MySQL, and PHP as per your ease and requirements.

Linux VPS Hosting vs Windows VPS Hosting

There are a number of differences in both the operating systems in many ways. Let’s have a look at what is meant by these hosting services, and what outcome we get when opting for one of them.

  1. Linux VPS hosting

Linux VPS server provides free software availability to its user. You can choose this OS if you need more control over your website servers. It is an open-source operating system, and provides easy control over servers. It is one of the best options for you to host your websites.

  1. Windows VPS hosting

Windows VPS hosting uses Windows operating system. In this VPS the key thing to consider while selecting it is the type of control panel. In this, the control panel does all the work behind it by allowing you to just click on to set up your websites and controlling your Virtual server.

Parameters of Linux Hosting vs Windows Hosting

Both the operating systems differ on a few yet crucial parameters. Those parameters are pricing, control panel, performance, technical support, server access, security, usage ease, and scalability. Let's have a quick view on the before mentioned parameters of the two operating systems.

  1. Server Access 

As you are going to have a better control over websites, you must be offered a better and adequate server access for your websites. Though, you can utilise File Transfer Protocol (FTP) for both the operating systems i.e. Windows and Linux VPS.


While working on Linux, you would possibly get SSH or telnet. Also, you will definitely get full server access on Linux VPS services. There are the top most Linux hosting providers which give you full access on server.


While using Windows as your operating system, you can utilise File Transfer Protocol (FTP) as mentioned before. But you might not get SSH.

  1. Control Panel

There are some top-notch control panels in the industry such as cPanel, Plesk, Parallels, and yDesk. With the control panel, you can easily manage and customise features and settings on your website(s). Both the operating systems use different control panels.


The Linux VPS hosting provides you with cPanel and WHM. Bothe control panels are well-known for their usability.


Plesk is a control panel which is handy and friendly for its users when they opt for Windows as their Operating system.

  1. Security

The first thing to be considered while searching for any VPS hosting service provider is the security. The cases of cyber attacks, files deletion, malware, data breach and other threats have been seen in the past few years. So, go for that hosting which assures you the data protection.


In terms of security, Linux is best. As Linus is a UNIX-based operating system and it offers security against the spyware, viruses, etc. It is considered to be more secure because it limits the rights to only the administrators.


Windows is also safe to use because it allows user access control. But the security options are not as wast as that of linux.

  1. Technical Support 

You can always face technical issues when your server does not provide you support. So make sure that you have an easy access to the support team to help you deal with such technical issues. 


Linux VPS server supports its users by providing it from the open community to its users. You have to rely on the third party sources and open communities to seek support. 



Windows is far better in this matter. Microsoft provides a reliable support in case of Windows VPS server. It also offers support for .net technologies i.e, ASP.NET, VB.NET, etc.

  1. Performance

The reason of failure of most of the websites is that they take more than a couple of seconds to load. No one wants to stay on such website that is taking more time than other websites to load. Thus, always opt for such VPS operating system that gives better performance, speed, and user experience.


Linux operating system does not require regular reboot. It uses secure remote login. It also does not require more resources than the Windows VPS server.


Windows require rebooting even after minor load. It could be any app update or installation. It also requires more resources if it is not properly optimised.

  1. Pricing 

Pricing should not be the major concern. Nevertheless, it is a factor to consider if you are a beginner. Because pricing also makes a lot of difference while choosing between these two operating systems. Those who have less budget must choose Linux because it offers the same yet affordable features.


Linux does not require more cost because it is an open source system. The main reason is that it does not require any licensing cost.


Microsoft operates Windows. Thus, Windows VPS server has high licensing fee.

Final Thoughts

We recommend you to consider all the points mentioned above when you are looking for VPS regarding any operating system. You can choose Linux VPS server or Windows VPS server, both offer similar basic functionality. Key differences are for the intermediate or advanced users.

I hope this helped you in selecting an operating system for VPS.